Easy Good Deeds for Sisters

I receive dozens of messages every month from sisters asking me how they can worship Allah (ﷻ) and feel spiritual during the days of the month when they can not fast or pray. Many are saddened and feel disconnect from Allah (ﷻ) during that time. We have to understand and learn to appreciate this beautiful blessing from The Most Merciful and we shouldn’t feel deprived or sad. This is a part of His(ﷻ) perfect plan. The Prophet (ﷺ) made it a point to reframe the way we look at it. Aisha said, “We set out with the sole intention of performing Hajj and when we reached Sarif, (a place six miles from Mecca) I got my menses. Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) came to me while I was crying. He said ‘What is the matter with you? Have you got your menses?’ I replied, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is a thing which Allah has ordained for the daughters of Adam. So do what all the pilgrims do with the exception of the Tawaf (Circumambulation) round the Ka`ba.” [Bukhari]

Maimuna (the wife of the Prophet) said, “During my menses, I never prayed, but used to sit on the mat beside the mosque of Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ). He used to offer the prayer on his sheet and in prostration some of his clothes used to touch me.” [Bukhari] What a beautiful practice to take that time during the actual prayer time and spend it engaging in dhikr and du’aa.

Remember that you will insha’Allah receive the reward for prayer and fasting. The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “When a slave falls ill or travels, then he will get reward similar to that he gets for good deeds practiced at home when in good health.” [Bukhari]

There are many ways of achieving spirituality, worshiping and connecting to Allah (ﷻ), and gaining great reward while in a state of ritual impurity. Here are a few acts of worship sisters can perform when they can’t pray:

Seek Repentance (Istighfar)

أستغفر الله وأتوب إليه
“I swear by Allah that I seek Allah’s Pardon and turn to Him in repentance more than seventy times a day.” [Bukhari]

We counted the Messenger saying a hundred times during one single sitting:
رب اغفر لي، وتب على إنك أنت التواب الرحيم
Rabb- ighfir li, wa tubb ‘alayya, innaka Antat-Tawwabur-Rahim. (My Rubb! Forgive me and pardon me. Indeed, You are the Oft-Returning with compassion and Ever Merciful.” [Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi]

أستغفر الله الذي لا إله إلا هو الحي القيوم وأتوب إليه
“He who says: ‘Astaghfir ullah-alladhi la ilaha illa Huwal-Haiyul-Qayyumu, wa atubu ilaihi (I seek the forgiveness of Allah, there is no true god except Allah, the Ever-Living, the Self- Subsisting, and I turn to Him in repentance),’ his sins will be forgiven even if he should have run away from the battlefield (while he was engaged in fighting for the Cause of Allah).” [Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi and Al-Hakim]

اللهم أنت ربي، لا إله إلا أنت ، خلقتني وأنا عبدك، وأنا على عهدك ووعدك ما استطعت أعوذ بك من شر ما صنعت أبوء لك بنعمتك علي، وأبوء بذنبي، فاغفر لي فإنه لا يغفر الذنوب إلا أنت
“The best supplication for seeking forgiveness (Syed-ul- Istighfar) is to say: ‘Allahumma Anta Rabbi, la ilaha illa Anta, khalaqtani wa ana ‘abduka, wa ana ‘ala ‘ahdika wa wa’dika mastata’tu, a’udhu bika min sharri ma sana’tu, abu’u laka bini’matika ‘alayya, wa abu’u bidhanbi faghfir li, fa innahu la yaghfirudh-dhunuba illa Anta. (O Allah! You are my Rubb. There is no true god except You. You have created me, and I am Your slave, and I hold to Your Covenant as far as I can. I seek refuge in You from the evil of what I have done. I acknowledge the favours that You have bestowed upon me, and I confess my sins. Pardon me, for none but You has the power to pardon).’ He who supplicates in these terms during the day with firm belief in it and dies on the same day (before the evening), he will be one of the dwellers of Jannah; and if anyone supplicates in these terms during the night with firm belief in it and dies before the morning, he will be one of the dwellers of Jannah.” [Bukhari]

Engage in Remembrance (Dhikr)

سبحان الله وبحمده، سبحان الله العظيم
“There are two statements that are light for the tongue to remember, heavy in the Scales and are dear to the Merciful: ‘Subhan-Allahi wa bihamdihi, Subhan-Allahil-Azim [Glory be to Allah and His is the praise, (and) Allah, the Greatest is free from imperfection]’.”[Bukhari and Muslim]

“The uttering of the words: “Subhan-Allah (Allah is free from imperfection), Al-hamdu lillah (all praise is due to Allah), La ilaha illallah (there is no true god except Allah) and Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest)’ is dearer to me than anything over which the sun rises.” [Muslim]

لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له، له الملك، وله الحمد، وهو على كل شيء قدير
“He who utters a hundred times in a day these words: ‘La ilaha illallahu, wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu, wa Huwa ‘ala kulli sha’in Qadir (there is no true god except Allah. He is One and He has no partner with Him; His is the sovereignty and His is the praise, and He is Omnipotent),’ he will have a reward equivalent to that for emancipating ten slaves, a hundred good deeds will be recorded to his credit, hundred of his sins will be blotted out from his scroll, and he will be safeguarded against the devil on that day till the evening; and no one will exceed him in doing more excellent good deeds except someone who has recited these words more often than him. [Bukhari and Muslim]

سبحان الله وبحمده
“Shall I tell you the expression that is most loved by Allah?” It is ‘Subhan-Allahi wa bihamdihi’ (Allah is free from imperfection and His is the praise)’.” [Muslim]

“…And he who utters: ‘Subhan-Allahi wa bihamdihi (Allah is free from imperfection and His is the praise)’ one hundred times a day, his sins will be obliterated even if they are equal to the extent of the foam of the ocean.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

سبحان الله
“Is anyone of you unable to earn a thousand good deeds?” One of those present asked: “How can one earn thousand good deeds in a day?” He (ﷺ) replied, “By saying: Subhan Allah a hundred times, then one thousand good deeds will be recorded for him or one thousand sins will be blotted out from his record.” [Muslim]

سبحان الله وبحمده عدد خلقه، ورضا نفسه، وزنة عرشه، ومداد كلماته
Juwairiyah bint Al-Harith (May Allah be pleased with her), the Mother of the Believers, reported: The Prophet (ﷺ) came out from my apartment in the morning as I was busy in performing the dawn prayer. He came back in the forenoon and found me sitting there. The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Are you still in the same position as I left you.” I replied in the affirmative. Thereupon the Prophet said, “I recited four words three times after I had left you. If these are to be weighed against all you have recited since morning, these will be heavier. These are: Subhan-Allahi wa bihamdihi, `adada khalqihi, wa rida nafsihi, wa zinatah `arshihi, wa midada kalimatihi [Allah is free from imperfection and I begin with His praise, as many times as the number of His creatures, in accordance with His Good Pleasure, equal to the weight of His Throne and equal to the ink that may be used in recording the words (for His Praise)].” [Muslim]

Take time after Fajr and Ask to recite the remembrance (adhkar) of the morning and evening.
There are many adhkar throughout the day you can find them in the Fortress of the Muslim http://makedua.com/

Make Du’aa

“And your Lord says, “Call upon Me; I will respond to you.” [40:60]

“Du’a (supplication) is worship.” [Abu Dawud]

لا اله الا الله وحده لا شريك له له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شيء قدير
“The best of du’aa is du’aa on the day of Arafah, and the best that I and the Prophets before me said is ‘Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah wahdahu la shareeka lah, lahu’l-mulk wa lahu’l-hamd wa huwa ‘ala kulli shay’in qadeer (There is no god but Allaah alone, with no partner or associate; His is the dominion, to Him belongs the praise, and He has power over all things).” [Tirmidhi] *for the Day of Arafah

Recite Qur’an

(*difference of opinion)

“Whoever recites a letter from the Book of Allah, he will be credited with a good deed, and a good deed gets a ten­fold reward. I do not say that Alif­ Laam­ Meem is one letter, but Alif is a letter, Laam is a letter and Meem is a letter.” [Tirmidhi]

A man heard another man reciting (Surat Al-Ikhlas) ‘Say He is Allah, (the) One…’ repeatedly. The next morning he came to Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) and informed him about it as if he thought that it was not enough to recite. On that Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “By Him in Whose Hand my life is, this Surah is equal to one-third of the Qur’an!” [Bukhari]

Take some time to reflect upon the ayat of Allah (ﷻ), as it is a great form of worship; you will feel closer to Him (ﷻ).

Allah (ﷻ) says: “Then do they not reflect upon the Quran? If it had been from [any] other than Allah, they would have found within it much contradiction.” [Qur’an: 4:82]

Practice Gratitude (Shukr)

Take some time to think of the countless blessings in your life and practice gratitude
“And He gave you from all you asked of Him. And if you should count the favor of Allah, you could not enumerate them. Indeed, mankind is [generally] most unjust and ungrateful.” [14:34]

“And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.’ “ [14:7]

“Your Lord loves praise and gratitude.” [Adab Al-Mufrad]

“Purity is half of iman (faith). ‘Al-hamdu lillah (all praise and gratitude belong to Allah)’ fills the scales, and ‘subhan-Allah (how far is Allah from every imperfection) and ‘Al-hamdulillah (all praise and gratitude belong to Allah)’ fill that which is between heaven and earth.” [Muslim]

“Allah is pleased with His slave who says: ‘Al-hamdu lillah (praise and gratitude is due to Allah)’ when he takes a morsel of food and drinks a draught of water.” [Muslim]

الحمد لله الذي أطعمني هذا ورزقنيه من غير حول مني ولا قوة
“Whoever eats food and then says: ‘All praise and gratitude is due to Allah who fed me this and granted it as provision to me, without any effort from me nor power, (Al-ḥamdulillāh, alladhī aṭ`amanī hādha wa razaqanīhi min ghairi ḥawlin minnī, wa lā quwwatin)’ his past sins shall be forgiven.” [Tirmidhi]

If you would like to learn more about practicing gratitude and its endless benefits, order your copy of an Attitude of Gratitude.

Repeat After Adhan

Whoever repeats Adhan Saying what the caller to prayer says: “Say as they say [i.e. callers to prayer], and when you finish, ask and you will be given.” [Abu Dawud and An-Nasa’i]

أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له، وأن محمدًا عبده ورسوله، رضيت بالله ربًا وبالإسلام دينًا
“He who says after the Adhan: ‘Ash-hadu an la ilaha illallah Wah-dahu la sharika Lahu; wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa Rasuluhu, radhitu Billahi Rabban, wa bi Muhammadin Rasulan, wa bil Islami Dinan [I testify that there is no true god except Allah Alone; He has no partners and that Muhammad (ﷺ) is His slave and Messenger; I am content with Allah as my Rubb, with Muhammad as my Messenger and with Islam as my Deen],’ his sins will be forgiven.” [Muslim]

اللهم رب هذه الدعوة التامة والصلاة القائمة آت محمدا الوسيلة والفضيلة وبعثه مقاما محمودا الذي وعدته
“Whoever, after listening to the Adhan (for the prayer) says, ‘O Allah, the Lord of this complete call and of this prayer, which is going to be established! Give Muhammad Al-Wasila and Al-Fadila and raise him to Al-Maqam-al-Mahmud which You have promised him,’ will be granted my intercession for him on the Day of Resurrection.” [Bukhari]

Send Prayers (Salawat) Upon The Prophet ﷺ

“Whoever supplicates Allah to exalt my mention (i.e., send salah), Allah will exalt his mention (i.e., send salah) ten times and remove from him ten sins and raise him ten degrees.” [Muslim]

“The people who will be nearest to me on the Day of Resurrection will be those who supplicate Allah more often for me.” [Tirmidhi, Hasan li ghayrihi Al-Albani]

Give Charity (Sadaqa)

There are many forms of charity:
The Prophet ﷺ said: “Charity is due upon every joint of the people for every day upon which the sun rises. Being just between two people is charity. Helping a man with his animal and lifting his luggage upon it is charity. A kind word is charity. Every step that you take towards the mosque is charity, and removing harmful things from the road is charity.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

Smile. It’s Charity! 
“Your smile for your brother is charity.”

Feed a Fasting Person

“Whoever provides food for breaking of the fast of a fasting person receives the reward of the fasting person, without the reward of the fasting person being reduced in any way.” [Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah]

Help Someone

“That I walk with my Muslim brother in [fulfilling his] need is dearer to me than being in i`tikaf in the masjid for a month.” [Ibn Abi Dunya, classed as Hasan by al-Albani]

Seek Knowledge

“Whoever travels a path in search of knowledge, Allah makes easy for him a path to Paradise.” [Muslim]

“Whoever goes out seeking knowledge is in the path of Allah until he returns.” [Tirmidhi]

“Whoever travels a path in search of knowledge, then Allah will easy for him the path to Paradise. Verily, the angels lower their wings for the seeker of knowledge. Verily, the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth, even the fish in the depths of the water, will seek forgiveness for the scholar. Verily, the virtue of the scholar over the worshiper is as the superiority of the moon over the stars. Verily, the scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets. They do not leave behind gold or silver coins, but rather they leave behind knowledge. Whoever has taken hold of it has been given an abundant share.” [Abu Dawud]

Visit the Sick

“When a Muslim visits a sick Muslim at dawn, seventy thousand angels keep on praying for him till dusk. If he visits him in the evening, seventy thousand angels keep on praying for him till the morning; and he will have (his share of) reaped fruits in Jannah.” [Tirmidhi]

“He who visits his brother in Faith, will remain engaged in picking the fresh fruits from the garden of Jannah till he returns.” [Muslim]

According to the majority of scholars, a woman who is menstruating may do all acts of worship except for praying (Salah), fasting, circumambulating the Ka’bah and doing i’tikaaf in the Masjid.

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